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Applications Closed for 2022


As everyone in our industry knows, the construction trades are suffering daily from the lack of skilled workers. At the current attrition rate, when the next two generations of tradesmen/women retire in 40 years there will be virtually no one to train. This fact not only affects the trades as an industry, but ultimately the consumer and the future of our society.

Gordy Noe, President of Pioneer Heating and Air, has participated in various work based learning programs in the past, but realized he needed to reach potential employees earlier and expose them to the field. In 2015, he came up with the idea to create a “Ride and Decide” program for all students in the area to try the trades and see if the fields were a fit for their futures.

We all know that part of the problem is the perception of our industry jobs. By providing an avenue where a student can see first-hand what the jobs entail while getting paid, students can make informed decisions if the trades are right for them.

The Tennessee PHCC, Knox County and surrounding county schools have joined forces and it is a huge success!
From the end of program surveys: ALL of the students eligible want to enroll in the program the next year. ALL of the employers want to continue the program next year.


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