Thanks to everyone that has gotten involved in the program. It is gaining momentum daily with the school systems, businesses, students, media, government officials and parents. To date, unofficially there are nearly 50 businesses signed up with at least that many more committed verbally. Almost every county school system surrounding Knox County has committed and Knox County Schools C.T.E. Program has partnered with PHCC to be administrator of the program.

When we first presented this over a year ago, we hoped that it would be accepted enough to benefit students and skilled trades in the area. As it turns out, it has gained enough attention to become a pilot program locally with the potential of going Statewide and possibly Nationwide in the very near future. Here on our website you can sign up to participate in the program as a business, school system or student. Please fill out the entire form and either fax or Email to P.H.C.C. ( Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Contractors) office at 865-531-7045 or taphcc@bellsouth.net.

Thanks again,

Gordy Noe

President-Knoxville P.H.C.C.(Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Contractors)

President-Pioneer Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.


Phone:        865-531-7422

FAX:            865-531-7045

E-mail: taphcc@bellsouth.net