The Issue

For every 4 skilled workers that leave the construction industry, only 1 is entering the field.

 - The construction trades are suffering daily from the lack of skilled workers. At the current attrition rate, when the next two generations of tradesmen/women retire in 40 years there will be virtually no one to train. 

 -  We already feel the effects of this lack in our business and can only imagine how it will affect the consumer in years to come.  

 - As good stewards of the community and our industry, it is our responsibility to help correct this problem before it is such a problem for the next generation that it is almost impossible to address.  

 - As business owners, educators and good neighbors to our customers, we have a responsibility to the community, our individual industry and all consumers to provide the best information that we can for parents to make the best future plans for their child as well as the best financial plans for their family and personal situation.  

 - For many students, college is the answer but for many other students it could be Trade School. For other students it may be a combination of on the job apprentice training with either Trade School or some specific College courses. Careful planning with all the right information could save families hard earned dollars, help the economy and potentially give a young person a jump start to their future.